Reduce the risk of GDPR non-compliance

How can you be sure that your business is GDPR-compliant? In recent months, an increasing number of clients have come to us to seek reassurance that their data protection program is appropriately set up, and that the steps taken to comply – be they organizational or technical – meet the requirements in the GDPR regulation, and the standards of the local regulator.

Gain peace of mind through processing activity certification

Gain peace of mind by applying for processing activity certification with Europrivacy, the only certification body that is funded by the European Commission.

KPMG Luxembourg has been selected and qualified as a Europrivacy ™/® official partner by the European Centre for Certification and Privacy (ECCP). Through this partnership, we put your processing activities to the test, allowing you to prepare for potential audits, inspections and other control exercises.

Although voluntary, process certification can help you demonstrate GDPR compliance to the regulator, the public, your customers and business partners.

More About Europrivacy:

How you can benefit from processing activity certification

Identify and reduce legal and financial risks

Identify compliance issues in a timely manner, resolve them appropriately and address risks effectively and efficiently.

Mitigate the financial impact of GDPR enforcement and the risk of sanctions.

Improve reputation and access to the market

Give your organization a strong competitive advantage over non-certified firms.

Strengthen due diligence requirements by asking service providers to hold a GDPR certification for their processing operations.

Build trust and confidence

Be more transparent and accountable to the businesses or individuals that trust you with personal data.

Demonstrate commitment and be a trusted service provider.

Help with international transfers

Obtain additional comfort when sharing personal data outside the EEA, in addition to other enforceable commitments, measures and safeguards.

Why choose Europrivacy ™/® for this critical step?

  • European and GDPR by design, funded by the European Commission;
  • Continuously updated to align with the evolution of regulations and jurisprudences;
  • Extendable to complementary national and domain specific obligations;
  • Applicable to emerging technologies;
  • ISO compliant and easily combinable with ISO/IEC 27001;
  • Comprehensive and applicable to almost any data processing activities;
  • Independent and managed by an international board of experts;
  • Online resources, tools, and support;
  • Global ecosystem of qualified partners and experts.

More About Europrivacy:

We prepare you for Europrivacy ™/® GDPR certification

We support and prepare you for the Europrivacy GDPR certification of your selected processing activities so that you can demonstrate compliance with GDPR and increase your market trust.

We do so by:

  • Selecting and prioritizing processing activities to be certified;
  • Assessing the readiness of the selected processing activities for certification and documenting your conformity and identified gaps;
  • Supporting with remediation in case of identified non-conformities (action plan and implementation of corrective actions);
  • Preparing the necessary documentation and support the certification process;
  • Elaborating a certification plan for the remaining processing activities to be certified (if deemed necessary);
  • Giving you access to continuous updates on European and national requirements related to data protection in order to maintain and enhance your conformity.

For more information about our Europrivacy-related services, contact our team today.

Europrivacy is an international trademark registered in several jurisdictions.