Our premium risk and reporting services help forward-thinking asset managers to

  • Protect their business against evolving regulations
  • Manage risk in a fast-moving environment
  • Gain peace of mind

by taking the weight off your shoulders when we take care of your risk and reporting requirements. All with zero surprises.

Leave regulation-triggered anxiety far behind

The real challenge of regulation? It has to be the sheer volume of it. New rules come out each year and, if the regulatory agenda is anything to go by, the pace of change is unlikely to slow down.

AIFMD, MIFID, SFDR, PRIPS. Keeping all these plates spinning might feel overwhelming. However, you can protect your business against non-compliance, while keeping costs low, with the help of our premium outsourcing services for asset managers, designed for forward thinkers.

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Reimagine your response to risk and reporting challenges

Compliance and risk officers often tell us they are dissatisfied with how they deal with non-core requirements. Fund houses struggle to:

  • Manage data and ensure accuracy
  • Keep up with the fast-moving regulatory environment
  • Produce large volumes of reports or risk figures
  • Source expertise on risk management and regulatory topics
  • Ensure the operational process is smooth
  • Orchestrate the entire value chain across many different stakeholders and providers

Achieve your risk and reporting goals with KPMG Outsourcing

  • Access niche expertise and broad experience of risk and reporting
  • Gain efficiency in your operational processes
  • Benefit from scalable solutions that can manage your high volumes of data
  • Stay compliant on existing and new topics
  • Outsource risk and reporting services to a trusted and proven partner
  • Reduces your fixed costs to keep them low

Forwarding-thinking solutions for your risk and reporting challenges

  • AIFM reporting

  • Market risk metrics and reporting

  • Institutional investor reporting

  • PE and RE risk analytics

  • Sustainability risk reporting

  • ESG reporting

AIFM reporting

Efficiently transforming large volumes of data into regulatory reports

Your challenges

  • Manipulating large volumes of data from multiple sources while ensuring quality and accuracy
  • Updating out-of-date and lengthy processes that delay delivery to authorities
  • Adapting your tools to the rapidly evolving regulatory requirements across various jurisdictions
  • Ensuring efficient operations and minimizing coordination costs

Your forward-thinking solution

  • Rely on one single provider with multi-disciplinary expertise to ensure your peace of mind on all angles of reporting complexity
  • Fully automate risk and reporting, with a process tailored to your needs
  • Guarantee your reports will always be compliant with local jurisdictions and market practices thanks to our strong regulatory monitoring framework and market connections
  • Monitor your delegated activity as per best market standards with our advanced oversight process

Market risk metrics and reporting

Tailor-made solutions to address portfolio managers’ needs and regulatory requirements

Your challenges

  • Aligning with regulatory standards
  • Finding bullet-proof methodologies to avoid surprises
  • Defining and implementing advanced quantitative methodologies, including calibration and stress testing
  • Understanding the niche expertise needed for different asset classes and fund strategies, continually embedding the unique specifics of each when necessary

Your forward-thinking solution

  • Respond swiftly and accurately to enquiries from the regulators
  • Rely on market data to ensure realistic and up-to-the-minute market risk assessment
  • Seamlessly integrate the KPMG solution without changing your data and reporting infrastructure
  • Benefit from the extensive knowledge of the risk team at KPMG

Institutional investor reporting

A complete and scalable solution tailored to the needs of asset managers and their institutional investors across a wide range of regulations and templates.

Your challenges

  • Staying up to date on the evolving complexity of fund reporting
  • Ensuring high quality deliveries
  • Juggling multiple reporting templates
  • Lacking the niche expertise needed

Your forward-thinking solution

  • Monitor regulatory and market updates to stay ahead of investors’ needs.
  • Process and validate your data digitally to guarantee pristine quality of deliveries
  • Deliver a comprehensive suite of reporting templates through one single data-feed
  • Leverage our regulatory expertise to answer any institutional investor query

Private equity and real estate risk analytics

A scalable reporting solution that leverages our expertise and supports you in managing your funds’ risks.

Your challenges

  • Aligning traditional investment methodologies with the needs of illiquid and opaque investments.
  • Accessing relevant market data
  • Reducing the high costs of operating
  • Responding to increasingly complex regulatory requirements

Your forward-thinking solution

  • Ensures that you will always remain compliant with a tried and tested risk approach
  • Rely on a fully scalable solution: from a modularized risk report to fully automated report generation.
  • Respond to the scarcity of data with KPMG by accessing our standardized minimum set of required input data to perform the risk assessment
  • Automate report generation with a state-of-the-art risk measurement solution with extra insights at low cost.

Sustainability risk reporting

Measure sustainability risk with KPMG’s data-powered solution for asset managers

Your challenge

  • Dealing with a lack of specialized ESG and sustainability risk know-how in the absence of established market standard and practices.
  • Responding to increasing regulatory and supervisory pressure that impacts both ESG and non-ESG funds.
  • Meeting the growing demand for specialized investment products and professional services across the entire fund value chain.
  • Successfully incorporating the custom indicators and rules

Your forward-thinking solution

  • Access specialized ESG data and knowledge
  • Keep up with the pace of regulatory change on sustainability disclosures and risk integration
  • Draw on comprehensive methodologies suited for sustainability risk integration
  • Incorporate your custom sustainability risk indicators and monitoring rules

ESG reporting

Your challenge

  • Managing large volume of data from several sources
  • Understanding the large scope of computing rules
  • Facing an ever-evolving regulatory environment
  • Ensuring coherence between all your ESG reports

Your forward-thinking solution

  • Rely on a single provider for all your ESG report needs: SFDR Product Periodic, SFDR Entity level (PAI), EET and evidence to support your subscription tax reduction for Luxembourg-based fund
  • Lean on an industrialized process with strong control framework
  • Center regulatory watch and intelligence at the core of our work
  • Access all your ESG reporting in a single ESG app and easily oversee KPMG’s service

From the adoption of technology to the pace at which regulations are evolving these days, it’s no wonder so many businesses are left feeling overwhelmed. Here at KPMG, not only do we aim to ease your stress, we also give you a competitive edge. By providing a high-value blend of regulatory, technological and industry know-how, we ensure your investors’ and regulators’ full satisfaction.

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