Our premium fund distribution services help forward-thinking asset managers to focus on driving growth by supporting them along the way with regulatory, operational and tax expertise in their cross-border fund distribution. All with zero surprises.


Reimagine your response to cross-border distribution challenges

Asset management executives often tell us they are dissatisfied with how their fund distribution value chain is organized. Fund houses with traditional distribution models struggle to:

  • Access the right information to break into new markets
  • Source the expertise for distribution across disparate countries and topics
  • Ensure speedy go-to-market in new jurisdictions
  • Manage data across multiple platforms
  • Produce large volumes of reports, risk or tax figures
  • Perform due diligence on distribution partners
  • Orchestrate the entire fund value chain with many different stakeholders and providers

By bringing together services that tackle these issues head on, we have built something better.

Giving you access to an integrated suite of services

We support you from the very first analysis of your needs, through the implementation of a bespoke distribution strategy, to the monitoring of its success. Our fund distribution services have been carefully thought out to work together seamlessly so that you can: 

  • Get everything you require from a single platform that caters to all your fund distribution needs
  • Monitor your fund’s distribution activity with ease, through our comprehensive online dashboard
  • Manage the production of investor reports, risk and tax reports in an efficient way
  • Access up-to-date regulatory information and receive an impact analysis tailored to your set-up
  • Discover new business development opportunities with our intelligence material
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your distribution strategy
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Forwarding-thinking solutions for your distribution challenges

  • Fund registration

  • UCITS, Priips and MIFID reporting services

  • International investor tax reporting

  • Know your delegates (KYD)

Fund registration

Cross-border distribution of UCITS and AIF funds.

Your challenges

  • Finding someone with the niche expertise required to guide you quickly through any market and regulatory changes
  • Managing and coordinating large operational volumes with internal stakeholders and external providers
  • Navigating the lengthy go to-market-process
  • Keeping operational costs low

Your forward-thinking solution

  • Seamlessly set-up and maintain cross-border distribution thanks to our team’s knowledge and expertise gained working in over 70 jurisdictions
  • Consolidate your activity with one single provider with our integrated suite of investor (Priips KID & UCITS KIID) and tax reporting services
  • Guarantee a quick go-to-market process leveraging our established and trusted relationship with the regulators
  • Benefit from economies of scale by joining a community of 200 asset managers using our outsourcing services

Risk Reporting Services

For the production of UCITS, Priips and MiFID Reporting.

Your challenges

  • Managing data across multiple reports
  • Updating out-of-date processes that delay the go-to-market process
  • Monitoring regulatory changes in both home and host jurisdictions
  • Ensuring accurate and industrialized computation of required quantitative and performance measures

Your forward-thinking solution

  • Find peace of mind over reporting complexity by working with a single, trusted vendor—KPMG
  • Guarantee efficient and smooth operations by fully digitalizing report production
  • Benefit from our strong regulatory monitoring framework and market connections to ensure that your reports comply with local jurisdiction and market practices at all times
  • Sleep easy knowing your delegated activity is being monitored by our KPMG-developed IT platform, featuring advanced process oversight functions as per best market standards

International investor tax reporting

Your challenge

  • Offering a tax efficient approach for your investors in the fund life cycle
  • Managing and coordinating with various stakeholder and data providers
  • Being mindful of any changes to the tax reporting rules of the various jurisdictions
  • Finding a tax expert that can align the pan-European tax reporting with your pan-European fund distribution policy

Your forward-thinking solution

  • Strengthen your tax governance
  • Benefit from economic scale and reducing the tax risk management
  • Increase competitiveness thanks to a wide range of tax services provided to your products
  • Access to a dedicated team and global expertise including:
    • Fund set-up and tax registration
    • Tax reporting across various European jurisdictions
    • Distribution tax reporting
    • Fund life cycle tax reporting
    • Fund structuring
    • Exploring any tax efficiencies in the readiness of data

Know your delegates (KYD)

Due diligence and oversight on distributors, portfolio managers, transfer agents and fund administrators.

Your challenge

  • Dealing with high cost of oversight
  • Processing large volumes of due diligence
  • Managing potential compliance risks
  • Lacking the expertise needed to properly assess delegates

Your forward-thinking solution

  • Dramatically reduce high oversight costs with our onboarding and ongoing KYD due diligence service
  • Make sure all the steps are covered, meaning minimal involvement from you for due diligence approvals and less time spent dealing with blocking points
  • Minimize your compliance risk with our single platform that allows you to oversee global delegates in real time
  • Access to KPMG Luxembourg regulatory experts as and when you need it

Your challenges

  • Dealing with expensive oversight costs
  • Handling high due diligence volumes
  • Pressure to comply with the 5th European Anti-Money Laundering (AML) directive and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) regulation
  • Lacking access to niche expertise

Your forward-thinking solution

  • Significantly reduce costs thanks to our onboarding and ongoing AML on distributors through due diligence services
  • Cover all the steps in the process with our service so your involvement is limited
  • Minimize your compliance risk with our single platform where you can monitor all your global delegates in real time
  • Discover industry best practices and get on-demand access to our expertise to discuss your specific cases

We offer an integrated suite of services related to the distribution of funds that support our clients in their development goals.

Vincent Heymans
Head of Managed Services - Asset Management

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