Our premium outsourcing services help forward-thinking asset managers protect their investment funds against:

  • regulatory changes worldwide
  • rising compliance costs
  • the uncertainty of evolving business models

Are you a forward thinker?

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What are your forward-thinking goals?

  • Looking to refocus your time?

    Losing time trying to stay up-to-date on regulatory changes for MIFID II, SFDR, AIFMD, UCITS directive, FATCA/CRS, DAC 6, PRIIPs, and so on? By ensuring this responsibility to a trusted and proven partner you will be able to spend more time on what matters most to you.

  • Reduce your cost base?

    So that you get the best pricing possible for your firm, we offer cost-based reductions based on scale. With over 200 clients and 200k reports a year, you benefit from being part of a huge community.

  • Minimize risk?

    Our regulatory watch process across 90 jurisdictions takes the stress out of compliance. With prompt updates to our platform, you can rest assured that your business will meet your requirements and reporting deadlines.

  • Work more efficiently?

    Let the experts introduce you to a new way of working. Our agile technology promotes a flexible solution that can be customized to suit you, and not vice versa.

Why forward-thinking asset managers switch to KPMG

We are regularly approached by asset managers who are concerned that their current provider may not be able to meet their needs long-term. Here are the areas where our expertise shines:

Speed and agility

Speed and agility

So you can adapt seamlessly to any situation and meet business critical deadlines with confidence

Optimized workflows to avoid surprises

Optimized workflows to avoid surprises

so you can concentrate on your core business

Access to a wide range of services

Access to a wide range of services

so that you simplify operations with a single provider

Cost-base reductions based on scale

Cost-base reductions based on scale

so you get the best pricing possible for your firm

Focus on compliance

Focus on compliance

so that you sleep well at night

Knowledge across multiple jurisdictions

Knowledge across more than 90 jurisdictions

so you can take your business to any new market

Experience in niche areas

Experience in niche areas

so you can access the right expertise, no matter how rare

When it has to be right the first time


Asset manager clients

Fully scalable solutions


KPMG experts

Available to support you


Reporting delivered annually

Powered by technology

The safe choice

In recent months, the entire global population has learned to expect the unexpected. When the improbable can quickly become reality, operating models must be agile, scalable, and able to withstand rising costs or regulatory disruption. To do this, you need a provider you can rely on.

Who do you rely on when it has to be right the first time?

To focus on your core business, back and middle office operations should run like clockwork in the background. Operations should be almost invisible to your core team—freeing up the time and energy to focus on portfolio management.

Power, agility and proven experts are also required, so that operations can scale up with your growth plans or down in the face of an increasingly unpredictable future with rising costs and evolving regulations.

By minimizing effort and maximizing performance, you can make your outsourcing strategic and fit for any future.

Are you keeping one step ahead of the rest?

Asset and alternative fund managers are dissatisfied with how they deal with non-core requirements. Fund houses with traditional models struggle to:

  • React quickly to new business or market needs and associated costs
  • Manage existing and new regulations and associated costs
  • Respond to pressure on fees
  • Source the right talent, capabilities and knowledge
  • Manage data across multiple platforms
  • Upgrade IT platforms

    After listening to clients and seeing them struggle with these problems, we realized it was time to build something better. Together with our clients we built KPMG’s outsourcing platform in response to these challenges.


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