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Philippe Bovy

Associate Partner, Infrastructure & Service Management Consulting

KPMG in Luxembourg 

Philippe Bovy

The easy way to roll out homeworking

Make homeworking available to your employees in a crisis with our smart, cost-effective approach to remote access. Create a reliable and scalable working environment - anywhere, anytime, on any device—crucial in crisis situations like Covid-19.

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Easy to set up

Have your employees working from home in a matter of days



Resets after every session to a pristine environment


Cost effective

Between 50 and 70% cheaper than traditional VDI and VPN alternatives

A Desktop as a Service (DaaS) infrastructure is a method of virtualization that allows a virtual desktop to run on your servers (at your premises or via a third-party data center). The end-user can remotely access his/her virtual desktop from any device of his/her choice.

You can read more about how the solution works here.

What this solution can do

  • Reduce the time required to roll-out a homeworking solution to days rather than weeks
  • Allow all employees to access a virtual desktop, hosted on your server, from any device
  • Eliminate the costs involved in additional license and new hardware ownership
  • Introduce more devices without increasing the security risks as no data is copied to end-point devices
  • Offer a smooth and seamless user experience for employees, similar to that of a VPN but much more secure, robust and scalable
  • Complement your business continuity strategy

Who the solution is for

  • Companies of any size, from ten to tens of thousands of employees
  • All sectors, including asset management, alternative investments, banking, insurance, public sector and commerce and industry.
  • All geographies including Luxembourg and the Greater Region