The multifaceted and pervasive nature of Covid-19 impacts presents new challenges in many areas of business operations—and conveying the myriad of shifting developments to the board constitutes a challenge in itself. In times of crises, boards rely on precise, concise and easily digestible updates from management on important developments.

To support you in bringing Covid-19-related information forward to key stakeholders in a presentable and convenient format, we have developed a template board report for asset managers.


Easy to edit

Adapt the template to your branding or other needs.



Covers all the main considerations for boards in light of Covid-19.


Saves time

Gives structure and layout for reporting to minimize effort required.

The report template includes a variety of dashboards and guidelines to help conducting officers to collegiately keep members of the board informed of the operational resilience, integrity or “health” of the company, progress in key plans, and other significant developments in light of the Covid-19 crisis—all in a simple, easy-to-read format.

The document is fully editable and can be adapted directly by you and your teams according to your needs or company branding.

This board report is suitable for:

  • Management companies, AIFMs and their management committee
  • Asset managers and alternative investment managers
  • Senior management and board of directors of investment funds  

Included in this board report:

  • Mapping of the potential impacts of Covid-19
  • Dashboards to help you frame your impact assessment along the lines of materialized and potential risks, likelihood and severity, mitigation measures and prevention, residual risk and risk tolerance
  • Guidelines and matters for consideration to guide your assessment and subsequent action plan
  • An overview  of relevant official guidelines and KPMG thought leadership

You can prepare the impact assessment section of your report using our easy-to-adapt Excel template here.

You can let us know how we can improve our board pack to make it even more useful to asset managers by submitting your feedback here.