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Covid-19 has brought talent management into sharp focus for HR professionals. When the going gets tough, little matters more to successful companies than nurturing an agile, motivated workforce that feels supported through difficult times.

Managing talent and caring for people can be daunting at a time when self-isolation has shifted the norm, especially with regards to communication. You can take a methodical approach to managing at this critical time with our 5 C’s of Covid-19 talent risk checklist.

Act today by giving an answer to the following questions

  • Change and culture

  • Compliance and cost

  • Capacity

  • Capability

  • Connectivity

Change and culture

  • Have you developed a communication strategy to inform and update colleagues around the COVID-19 response?
  • Have you considered how you will identify, address and measure resistance when working virtually during a prolonged period like COVID-19? Have you developed action plans?
  • Have you put in place feedback mechanisms to ensure that leaders are aligned to current initiatives and efforts? Are leadership action plans developed and in place?
  • Have you identified which changes are likely to become permanent and which will revert to pre-pandemic state?

Compliance and cost

  • How much will it cost to run your workforce as you ensure business continuity?
  • To what extent do you have contingency plans in place to manage staff absence due to COVID-19?
  • If remote working is in place, what are the regulatory implications arising from COVID-19?
  • Are your people able to comply with your regulated, or business critical, processes while working from home, e.g. are electronic approval processes in place?
  • Are you planning to activate a hiring freeze during the COVID-19 period?


  • Do you have a list of critical roles and activities?
  • Are you able to map current resource availability to this list of critical roles and activities?
  • Do you already have a short-term workforce contingency plan in place to address any gaps or unplanned needs that may emerge?
  • Does your workforce plan include scenarios such as a pandemic?
  • Do you have adequate technology infrastructure to respond in the time-frames customers require?


  • What are the skills and capabilities required to ensure your workforce operates effectively during the COVID-19 period?
  • Do you have a short-term development plan for reallocating resources to address gaps and unexpected immediate needs?
  • Have you identified people who are a top retention priority for the organization? Have you spoken with them during the COVID-19 period?


  • Do you already have a remote-working culture established in your company or does it need to be defined and communicated?
  • Have you developed a revised working-from-home policy and considered a containment strategy for your offices?
  • Can your IT Infrastructure support the adoption of remote working (full staff or taskforce identified) and provide adequate tools for connectivity to face COVID-19?
  • Are you planning to accommodate new or flexible work arrangements to adapt to the constraints of COVID-19 restrictions?
  • Is there a structured plan to promote the well-being of employees and protect productivity while embracing large-scale adoption of remote working?

Prepare for tomorrow by creating a connected workforce today

COVID-19 will likely transform our businesses and society in many ways. The current situation is, in some ways, an opportunity to plan for future unpredictable challenges – be it economic crises or further pandemics - and start designing resilient sociotechnical systems to thrive in an uncertain and changing world.

These 5 C’s offer a robust framework for HR professionals, helping them focus on the most positive outcome in difficult circumstances. You can find further guidance on managing and change and uncertainty through a connected workforce in this guide.