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Ravi Beegun
Head of Asset Management

David Capocci
Head of Alternative Investments

Stanislas Chambourdon
Head of Banking and Insurance

Patrick Wies
Head of Corporates and Public Sector

2020 will undoubtedly be a disruptive year for all companies, regardless of sector. Market uncertainty is set to rise, the cost of regulations will continue to put pressure on margins, and operational models will have to be agile in the face of all this change.


Our Heads of Sectors give an overview of all rising trends in their industry in 2020

“Companies need to survive and then to thrive in 2020,” says Ravi Beegun, Head of Asset Management. Yet whether it be in the asset management, alternative investment, banking, commerce and industry, or public sector space, we see one trend that will distinguish between the leaders and the laggards: transforming businesses through technology.

Such endeavours rarely go smoothly from the get-go. We have selected the best of thought leadership and products from across the sectors to help you prepare for future success and to get on the road to greater efficiency through technology.