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The EU Taxonomy on sustainable activities

The European Taxonomy sets technical screening criteria to define and classify sustainable activities. It will help investors and asset managers understand where and how to allocate money flow to address one of the EU’s six environmental objectives.

Climate risks in portfolio assessment

The ESG Engine gathers ESG data from a variety of sources, providing a 360˚ view of DWS’ portfolio investments across various ESG topics — including climate change.

Identifying clients’ sustainability preferences

Alice Martinou, head of positive impact at BGL BNP Paribas Wealth Management, explains how their clients increasingly wanted to invest sustainably but didn’t know where to start. Their solution was “MyImpact” — a digital tool that determines a client’s sustainability profile and offers relevant investment products.

ESG due diligence for private assets

Cornelia Gomez, ESG director at PAI Partners, believes ESG criteria integration is the best way to maximize asset values in the long term. By integrating ESG into the due diligence process, investment teams and the investment committee gain a more holistic view of the target company and a better understanding of underlying ESG issues.

Green Bond securitization in Luxembourg

Alain Mestat, managing partner at Luxinvest Securities, explains why small- and medium-sized companies (SMEs) need a solution to raise debt capital along the Green Bond Principles. While attractive, these companies can face difficulties due to their smaller size.

ESG needs to be addressed beyond the product

Diana Mackay, managing director at Broadridge Analytical Solutions, explains the need to broaden ESG aspects beyond simplistic products or tick- the- box exercises. She shares her extensive fund distribution experience, explaining why the end- client must clearly grasp the  ESG value proposition of the asset management firm as a whole — and not just the product’s.