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Dr. Martin Reinhard

Dr. Martin Reinhard
Partner, Risk Advisory
Tel.: +352 22 51 51 7978

Francesco Vittori, FRM
Senior Manager, Risk Advisory
Tel.: +352 22 51 51 7328

Gianluca Frena, CFA, CAIA
Manager, Risk Advisory
Tel.: +352 22 51 51 7303

It’s time for the entire financial community to take a concrete stance on sustainability risk, which is complex and ever-evolving.

But what’s the best way to capture every intricate data, operative and computational nuance of ESG integration?

At KPMG, we offer tailored technical solutions for data integration, modeling, monitoring and reporting to empower your business’s unique view of sustainability risk and ESG integration.


Supporting your concrete plan for integrating sustainability risk

Due to market and regulatory forces, fund managers must define their ESG position to not miss out on the risks and opportunities resulting from the transition to a low-carbon economy.

We are ready to support your unique sustainability risk implementation strategy with our technically-oriented solutions across the ESG integration spectrum.


  • Sustainability Risk Report
    Proprietary solution that leverages a dedicated risk engine’s specialized data, risk calculation and operational capabilities. Ready-to-use, comprehensive and scalable reporting solution that monitors an investment fund's sustainability risk.

  • ESG transparency disclosures
    Bespoke ESG/sustainability reporting solutions for fund managers that integrate with client-specific risk management framework, KPI and screening rules.

  • Risk monitoring
    Calculation of portfolio sustainability KPIs and metrics. Provision of automated investment screening solutions (exclusion lists, controversies, KPIs etc.).

  • Specialized data management
    ESG data framework architecture and integration. Data provider assessment and benchmarking. EU taxonomy for sustainable activities.

  • Risk modeling
    Physical and transition climate risk metrics, ESG ranking and scoring, scenario stress-testing, materiality assessment and asset allocation.

Get tailored support for your ESG journey today. Contact our experts at to find out more.

ESG integration is the nearest and strongest source of transition risk for investment funds

Martin Reinhard
Partner at KPMG Luxembourg