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Growth and trend

Growth and trend

Growth and trend

Growth of entities managed and staff

The below chart shows the growth of the 40 GPs surveyed in 2017.

Growth and trend

Over two years, GPs on average increased their staff by approx. 26% and the amount of entities managed by 18%.

Out of the 40 GPs surveyed, only two experienced a decrease in staff. As 65% of those surveyed plan to hire in the next 6 months, we believe that the size of the offices (in terms of people) will continue growing.

Evolution of the composition of Luxembourg offices

The below chart shows how the composition of the teams has evolved since 2017.

Growth and trends

The number of accountants in 2019 is comparable to that of 2017, meaning that during this period it grew at the same pace as the entire population of the office.

As they are smaller, the other populations show higher volatility, e.g. key managers significantly increased during the period, reaching 10%.


It is no surprise to see that the number of AIFMD-compliant GPs is growing, and that most of them opted for a Luxembourg AIFM.

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