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the Kosmo challenge

The KPMG Kosmo Challenge

The KPMG Kosmo Challenge

The Kosmo Challenge

The Kosmo Challenge is an intrapreneurship contest, designed to empower employees and help a company draw out its best creative problem-solving forces. It can drive new business incubation, generate real innovations, and satisfy the entrepreneurial spirit of a workforce. By mobilizing ambitious, tech-minded professionals from across the firm, it can also help a company meet its huge digital potential.

The teams are created spontaneously. The deadlines are short. The Kosmo culture is all about getting the best energy from the keenest company upstarts.

In 2018, KPMG Luxembourg held its second Kosmo Challenge. Competing teams had two days to design a compelling prototype of program that would solve a given business problem.

The 2018 Kosmo Challenge in numbers

2  The number of days spent at the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT) for the challenge.

9  The number of teams who competed.

12  The number of KPMG senior management supporting the teams onsite by coaching and advising.

50+  The number of total participants, spanning sectors and experience levels.

150+  The number of guests, from the tech and finance industries alike, at the demo afterparty.

62%  The percentage of participants without any prior IT experience.

Kosmo was not about focusing on single technical aspects—at every turn, you were prompted to think in new ways. From using your soft skills to your technical knowledge, turning a basic idea into a developed pitch was an amazing experience. —Natacha Leduc, 2017 Kosmo Challenge finalist

Summer Innovation Workshops

In the weeks and months before the Challenge, innovation workshops can educate and inspire future participants.

For the 2018 Kosmo Challenge, three workshops were held, together respectively with the LHoFT, Luxinnovation, and Sacred Heart University:

  • Design Thinking
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Pitch Training