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Innovation Challenges

Innovation Challenges

Generating ideas in collaboration with our clients

Generating ideas in collaboration with our clients

Why innovation challenge and why now?

Innovation is not just a buzzword. It is a critical element for companies’ success today and in the future.

Our clients are facing multiple challenges today. Being constantly disrupted by new market entrants such as agile startups, large established vendors, emerging technologies and the competition can be overwhelming.

To avoid falling behind, companies have come up with innovation challenges to spark creativity, increase innovation performance, and foster collaboration within the firm.  Participants can perform their daily tasks while grasping the best of the collective brainpower to solve the most important and relevant business issues. Heineken, Vodafone, Dutch Post and many others have organized innovation challenges. See some use cases.

Quote from Team Lead:
 "In a nutshell, conducting innovation challenges allows you to create and develop a culture of innovation and experimentation, engage employees and build a collaborative environment and improve return on innovation: scale ideas and turn them into profitable products and services."

How can KPMG help you organize an innovation challenge?

Innovation challenges can really help boost your company’s performance! Whether it’s a hackathon or an in or external innovation challenge, KPMG can support you in finding the right solution suited best to your needs. Our innovation challenges are industry-agnostic, and can be carried out across all sectors.

Challenge your employees internally
An internal innovation challenge is about generating and developing the best ideas within a company. It is a great way to boost the culture of innovation, foster collaboration and improve employee experience while developing new profitable products and services for your company.
Explore the innovation challenges KPMG has organized for its people below.

Go beyond an internal challenge
There is also the possibility to involve other experts in solving your business challenges. A dedicated team of KPMG experts can help you organize an external innovation challenge and source ideas from all over the world – the opportunities are limitless.

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