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Insurance Briefing Q4 2018

Insurance Briefing - November 2018

This Insurance Briefing is a short brochure, which gives an immediate insight into what is happening in the world of insurance.



Head of Banking and Insurance

KPMG in Luxembourg


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This edition of our Insurance Briefing explores how to get your business ready for the changing future and contains the following sections:


  • Building a new strategy ready for a digital future:
    Rethinking business models for a digital world and chatbots: are they a customer experience “must” for the insurance industry? 
  • Transforming regulatory compliance into competitive advantage
    Examining new double tax treaty between Luxembourg and France as well as the impact of transfer pricing on the insurance value chain
  • Putting customers at the heart of your business
    Customer experience in insurance: it’s about people, people
  • Harnessing technology to shed new light on risk
    Exploring IFRS 17, 9 and 15 for insurers: which standard should be applied?

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