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Digital insurance and insurtech in action

Digital insurance and insurtech in action

Monthly blog in collaboration with The Digital Insurer to explore insurance and insurtech.


Head of Banking and Insurance

KPMG in Luxembourg


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Interest in insurtech innovation continues to increase with new trends and investments at pace. To further raise awareness of the opportunities and benefits that digital technologies and innovation can bring to the insurance industry, we have collaborated with The Digital Insurer (TDI) to provide invaluable and stimulating insights to insurers as they strengthen their digital insurance strategies.

TDI is one of the largest online networks with more than 6000+ registered professionals who are interested in digital insurance around the world.

Digital Insurance in Action

KPMG also contributes to TDI’s monthly review of Digital Insurance Action (DIA), showcasing real examples of digital innovations from insurance companies and insurance technology companies around the world. We believe the resource will be useful to gaining insights into digital initiatives worldwide.

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