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Megatrends adapted for Private Banking

Megatrends adapted for Private Banking


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  • Develop blockchain - what does it mean for our clients? Our services? 
  • Revamp data and analytics - how can we create value here? 
  • Look into robo advisors - new competition or ally? 
  • Research suitability engines - can we still offer investment services as we did in the past? 

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  • Go beyond the obvious in cost management 
  • Build scale, build capabilities 
  • Seek opportunity in industry consolidation 
  • Manage return-on-equity when interest margins are low and some fee incomes are at risk (inducement)

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Products and services

  • Restore client trust
  • Demonstrate a clearer separation between
  • manufacturing, distribution, and transaction processing

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Keep on top of investor protection regulations

  • Fulfil reporting obligations to the ECB in their new role supervising business conduct and governance
  • Rework strategy for attracting talent in the wake of stricter remuneration guidelines

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Client growth

  • Seriously commit to emerging markets
  • Facilitate client growth which is driven by socio-economic factors, entrepreneurship, and the increasing concentration of wealth
  • Obtain a single view of the customer so as to be able to improve customer experience, leading to growth

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