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US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) & Common Reporting Standard News



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  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-37: Status of jurisdictions with agreed-in-substance, but unsigned, IGAs at close of 2014
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-36: Qualified intermediary (QI) status applications for 2014 due 5 December 2014 / IGAs signed with Bahamas, Barbados and Hong Kong
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-35: IRS updated instructions for Forms 1042-S, W-8BEN-E and user guide for FFI list search and download tool system
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-34: Draft instructions - Information returns, and compliance with certain FATCA filing requirements / Latin America - Network of IGAs under U.S. FATCA regime
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-33: Notice 2014-59 - Additional Coordination Changes under Chapters 3, 4 and 61 / Text of Model 1 IGA as signed by Poland
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-32: Ireland - Updated guidance notes for implementing FATCA
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-31: FATCA Information Gathering - Not Immune to Phishing Scams / Updated, clarified guidance under revised QI agreement / Model 1 IGA signed by Lithuania
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-30: New registration landing page now available / UAE - FATCA update / Sweden - FATCA agreement signed with United States
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-29: Updates to withholding foreign partnership & withholding foreign trust agreements under Rev. Proc. 2014-47 / Text of Model 1 IGA with Czech Republic
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-28: QI Agreement Renewal Deadline Looms
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-27: IRS Releases Updated Form W-8IMY and Instructions
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-26: Entities Are Encouraged to Obtain or Renew the QI Agreement by 31 July 2014 / Instructions for Form 1042-S re-released; withholding and reporting foreign person’s U.S. income paid in 2014 / Final Regulations on use of Truncated TINs
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-25: IRS Releases Corrections to FATCA Regulations / IRS Releases Updated FFI Agreement
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-24: IRS Releases Updated Qualified Intermediary (QI) Agreement
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-23: IRS Posts Final Instructions for Form W-8BEN-E / Updated Forms W-8BEN-E, W-8ECI, W-8EXP, W-8IMY
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-22: Luxembourg to apply transition relief / New IGAs reached "in substance" / Text of IGAs with BVIs, Israel and Latvia / IGA enters into force in Canada
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-21: Updated QI Agreement released / Final version of Form 1042-S instructions / IRS addendum to “online registration user guide” publication / Corrections to regulations on information reporting, withholding / Model 1 IGAs reached “in substance” with China, Guyana, and Ukraine
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-20: IRS Discusses Various Withholding and Reporting Issues at Recent Conference / Updated FFI Agreement Has Been Released / Model 2 IGA reached “in substance” with Taiwan
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-19: Final version of instructions for Forms W-8BEN-E and 8966
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-18: Final version of instructions for Form W-8IMY / New Zealand signed IGA with United States / IGAs “agreement in substance” with Belarus, Caribbean Islands, Georgia, Paraguay; text of IGA with South Africa
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-17: Updated versions of Model IGAs / Model 1 IGA signed with Slovenia / Model 1 IGA reached “in substance” with Barbados, Bulgaria, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Seychelles / Korea - Effects of FATCA agreement
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-16: Forms W-8, New IGAs
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-15: New Forms, Guidance and FAQs
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-14: FATCA - Final version of Form W-8IMY / Final version of instructions for Form 1042 / Intergovernmental Agreements / IRS publication on FFI list search and download tool / FAQs updated
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-13: Years 2014 and 2015 will be transition period / Final instructions for Form W-8EXP / IGAs signed with Curaçao and Australia
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-12: Bulgaria, Colombia, Cyprus added to Model 1 IGA jurisdictions list
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-11: Correcting amendments to temporary regulations released
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-10: IRS Releases Revised and Final Form W-8EXP
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-09: FATCA update
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-08: Agreement between Luxembourg and the United States on FATCA signed
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-07: New FATCA Forms & IGA signed with Finland
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-06: FATCA - IRS forms, instructions updated for 2014
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-05: Agreement between Luxembourg and the United States on the substance of the future FATCA IGA Model 1
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-04: Analysis of information reporting, withholding regulations and FATCA temporary regulations
  • FACTA e-alert issue 2014-03: Text of final regulations on information reporting, withholding and backup withholding
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-02: IGAs signed with Hungary and Canada - IGA pending with UAE
  • FATCA e-alert issue 2014-01: Rev. Proc. 2014-10 containing final FFI agreement

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