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The space strategy, a cross-disciplinary industry

The space industry is facing major challenges at all levels and KPMG provides support to these space challenges.

KPMG can help you face the challenges of the emerging space industry

Starting from zero, the Grand Duchy quickly grew to become one of the most dynamic locations for space development in Europe. With new initiatives constantly on the rise, the ecosystem for businesses wanting to pioneer the future of space is rapidly growing.

As a result of the latest developments, Luxembourg established its own space agency, the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA), in 2018. It created a unique legal framework for space mining activity and also enabled the country to enter cooperation negotiations with worldwide leading countries in the space sector.

In times of the emerging space industry, KPMG provides strategic support for your space ambitions.

We offer a wide range of cross-disciplinary solutions in our strategic space pillars including:


Audit and tax

  • Specialized audit services
  • Tax assessment
  • Insurance quality


Regulation and compliance

  • Regulatory framework design
  • M&A activities
  • Support on EU tenders


Space project management

  • Space IT technology design
  • Space IT technology testing criteria
  • Regulatory watch assistance


Space-Tech services

  • Deep industry analysis
  • Space data informatics and robotic processes
  • Big data analysis


Space academics

  • Support on space training and space trends analysis
  • Valuation of mining resources


And, as our solutions are always evolving to cover market needs, we can assist you in specific business requests. 
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