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KPMG Luxembourg reacts to the rising expectations of the information society.

KPMG Luxembourg reacts to the rising expectations of the information society.

The information and communication technology (ICT) revolution is shaping our world. The public sector can take advantage of technological advances to reform and revitalize its operations, and to provide improved public services to increasingly connected citizens who expect it to keep up with their needs.
Digital transformation strategies and ICT can be used to address public sector performance issues and to implement a vision of responsive and accountable government. Public policy makers must link the potential of ICT to the specific challenges of governance, employment, capacity building, and accessibility to basic services.

Digital transformation of governments involves not only introducing ICT-enabled process reengineering, but also transforming the skills, incentives, and culture of the civil service. Smart cities and smart nations are about inter-connectedness between technological devices and public assets like schools, transportation systems, hospitals, power plants, water supply networks, etc.
Luxembourg aims to be digital and smart, as initiatives like “Digital Lëtzebuerg” and “The Third Industrial Revolution Lëtzebuerg” show. KPMG Luxembourg’s Public Sector team, together with our IT Advisory professionals, is able to deliver a holistic offer of technical expertise, creative thinking and deep understanding of the local objectives and environment.

Our services include:

  • Assessment of the e-readiness of the public institution and the enabling environment
  • Creating a shared vision and strategy of ICT-enabled transformation, identify e-transformation initiatives and key stakeholders
  • IT governance and awareness training
  • IT sourcing and system selection
  • Data governance and business intelligence
  • Cyber security and privacy
  • ICT-enabled process reengineering
  • Electronic archiving, access and identity management
  • Outsourcing management and monitoring
  • Attestation and certification services (ISO 27002)
Smart cities

Only Smart Citizens can enable true Smart Cities

The Smart City concept has found its way from the R&D department of tech companies into academic research, agendas of policy makers and even into reality.

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