Replay | KPMG Webinar on the future of teleworking - New CSSF circular 21/769

Watch the recording of the webinar

Watch the recording of the webinar

Don’t miss our webinar on Thursday, 3 June 2021 at 8:30am CET

Listen and learn as we discuss the governance and security requirements of work processes based on telework solutions in a post-pandemic reality.

The panel will be moderated by Anne-Sophie Minaldo. We’re excited to have a panel of experts addressing all the relevant topics:

  • Giovanna Giardina will address governance requirement
  • Sabrina Bonnet will explain impact on employees engagement
  • Laurent de la Vaissière will cover cyber security topics
  • Xavier Martinez will explain potential tax related challenges
  • And our Head of People & Culture, Geraldine Hassler will share a real case: the one of KPMG!


Learn from experts with hands-on experience dealing with Governance, IT, Human resources, Tax matters, and much more…

What to expect from the webinar: 

  • Raise your awareness of the CSSF’s expectations applicable to all regulated entities
  • Understand all governance requirements
  • A breakdown of all security topics
  • Discern the importance of people change
  • Address any and all tax related challenges
  • Listen to the real case scenario of KPMG


We look forward to discussing the recent CSSF circular 21/769 and the challenges of teleworking with you.

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For more information please contact


Anne-Sophie Minaldo
Tel.: +352 22 51 51 7909


3 June 2021 


Start time: 8:30am CET
End time: 9:30pm CET

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