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Our Partner Georges Bock is giving a presentation on Luxembourg during this year’s Fund Forum.

13 June 2017, 10:30AM - 11:45AM, CET

Location: Fund Forum Berlin


You may have heard about Luxembourg, but how well do you know it? Well, did you know that out of 149 countries who took part in the Boston Consulting Group: Wellbeing Survey (SEDA) in 2015, Luxembourg was ranked 2nd globally and 1st in the EU. Not to mention that according to UBS’ Prices and Salaries study: the purchasing power survey in 2015 where 71 countries were surveyed, Luxembourg was voted 3rd worldwide. These are just some examples of why Luxembourg is such a wonderful place for expats, and indeed anyone! Come to our Englishman in Luxembourg event during the FundForum this 13 June to find out more about the flower that keeps on blossoming. The flower that is the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.


An Englishman in Luxembourg

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