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Christophe Simon

Christophe Simon

Experienced profiles

Experienced profiles

Our People - Christophe Simon

Christophe joined KPMG Luxembourg as a Senior Tax Advisor in 2017. In the Indirect Tax department, he helps clients fulfil their VAT compliance and administration obligations. He enjoys the daily challenges which the job entails.

Tell us about your professional background?

"I joined KPMG Luxembourg as a Senior Adviser in the Indirect Tax department. I was very excited about the new challenge, being part of the KPMG family, discovering and understanding the KPMG culture. At the beginning, it was a challenge for me to step out of my comfort zone and become an active member of my new team. But everyone I met was very friendly and immediately made me feel welcome."

Why KPMG Luxembourg?

"I also decided to join KPMG owing to the values and the multiculturalism of the firm.

KPMG’s goal is to focus on client experience by proposing qualitative and innovative services. This is why we are the clear choice for our clients. This mindset is very important to me. When you work at KPMG, you collaborate with talented and motivated people who help you grow and evolve in your career."

What do you do at KPMG Luxembourg?

"In the Indirect Tax department, I help my clients fulfil their VAT compliance and administration obligations. My team and I provide our clients with tailored advice. The legislation and case laws, for example, have become more complex, making it harder for businesses to comply with indirect tax obligations such as VAT. This complexity is a real challenge and also a motivating factor.

In addition, with the digital revolution, the business processes are becoming more automated and we need to adapt to a constantly evolving environment. For this reason, we are currently developing tools to stay up-to-date and become more efficient. I am very proud to be part of this project as our day-to-day work continues to develop and becomes more interesting as we spend more time on advising our clients. This is a real added value.

Besides meeting and working with interesting people, I really like KPMG’s multidisciplinary working approach to work. You have the possibility chance to collaborate with other departments on the common projects, use opportunities to expand your skills and gain knowledge and experiences through training programmes. You may also undergo leadership development and work on rotational assignments."

What advice would you give someone who would like to join KPMG?

"KPMG offers you the opportunity to take part in various projects organised internally such as sports tournaments, charity and cultural programmes, and entrepreneurship-related contests. Those are good ways to have fun and meet all the talented people working at KPMG.
For all the above-mentioned reasons, I encourage you to join this great family."