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Joao Felicio

Joao Felicio

Technology enthusiast lands dream role at KPMG

Technology enthusiast lands dream role at KPMG

Joao Felicio

Joao is a self-taught software engineer. To expand his range of skills, he enrolled in a bootcamp at NumericALL. Because of his success in this program, and the partnership NumericALL has with KPMG Luxembourg, he was offered a role as a software engineer at KPMG Luxembourg.

Why KPMG Luxembourg?

“KPMG Luxembourg provides a multicultural environment where you are constantly learning about other cultures. I am not only challenged by my own work, but I am challenged to view the world differently as my colleagues share their experiences and customs from life across the globe.

On top of being multicultural, there are also ample opportunities for development and learning. When you have a company that cares about you, it turns your colleagues into your second family, and KPMG Luxembourg into a second home.”

What do you like about your role at KPMG Luxembourg?

In my role as a software engineer for the central services department, I am faced with a new challenge every day. I thoroughly enjoy the problem-solving aspect of my role and the fact that I am interacting with different teams on a regular basis.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career at KPMG Luxembourg?

“Don’t be afraid to take a chance! KPMG Luxembourg is a great place to continue your career, whether that may be in a junior role or as an experienced hire. You will always have the opportunity to grow professionally.”

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