Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship

Working together for the greater good

Working together for the greater good


We are responsible corporate citizens and our approach to giving back to the community is strongly linked to our values. Our people emanate the values of KPMG through their work with clients and the community by providing impactful solutions that inspire change, drive inclusion, and advance education and sustainable development

The excellence to strengthen our communities and markets

KPMG values investment and volunteerism in all areas. We prioritize sponsorships that make an impact towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and align our service offerings with our sustainability vision.

Over the past 12 months, we have been able to donate more than €238,551 across 12 different charities in Luxembourg and abroad. In the last five years, generous contributions from staff made through monthly payroll giving has amounted to €75,000  to date for the KPMG Friendship Integrated project.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, our employees launched a virtual language tutoring program for excluded youth and several other efforts including donating food, clothing and laptops to help those most effected by social distancing.

The courage to drive cultural change

KPMG Luxembourg works hard to foster an inclusive culture. We cultivate a sense of belonging for all and do not operate on biases against gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race and ethnic background, disability, religion, beliefs, or age. This inclusivity brings people together with the broadest range of skills, experiences and perspectives, creating truly dynamic client teams. 

We commit ourselves to bringing awareness to the topics of inclusion and diversity by being a signatory of the Luxembourg Diversity Charter, UN Global Compact and consistently progressing the I&D agenda through the KPMG Global Inclusion and Diversity maturity model tool .

The integrity to accurately report on our performance

KPMG Luxembourg strives to add value to the Luxembourg marketplace and to our clients’ businesses by actively participating in industry organizations and working groups such as ALFI, CSSF, CAA, IFBL, IRE, INDR, and more.

In 2018, KPMG Luxembourg sponsored over 160 events and was an active contributor to over 53 associations.

As a part of the KPMG Global network, we remain transparent in reporting on our impact on the planet, prosperity, people and governance. This includes reporting aligned to the requirements of: UNGC, Ruggie, CDP, TCFD, WEF, IBC, GRI, UNWEP and WBCSD.

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