Deal advisory

Deal advisory

KPMG’s integrated team of specialists works at deal speed to help you find and drive value throughout your transformation and transaction lifecycle.

An integrated team of specialists working at deal speed to help you find and drive value.

The Deal Advisory team is composed of KPMG professionals who are experts in financial and strategic advisory for clients who are considering, or are in the process of, transactions encompassing disposal, acquisition or merge of businesses, their valuation or financial restructuring. Each and every one of our advisors is competent and sufficiently experienced to propose best tailored tools, solutions and scope of services addressing the needs.

Capital and debt advisory services

KPMG Corporate Finance Capital Advisory Services help companies raise capital and align capital structure and financing strategy with overall strategic objectives and business drivers. Our team helps companies make informed decisions about capital investments, structures, and merger and acquisition alternatives by providing actionable insights on available capital sources, growth objectives, and potential economic returns. Our Capital and Debt Advisory Services offer guidance on:

  • Capital structure advice: Providing clients with independent and objective advice on capital structure and strategies critical to achieving overall corporate objectives.
  • Private placement advice: Facilitating equity and debt private placements, refinancings, recapitalizations, dividend transactions and special situations financing.

Fairness opinions and board advisory

KPMG Corporate FinanceFairness Opinions and Board Advisory Services offers clients timely execution of a broad spectrum of transaction-related services. We incorporate both the latest techniques in valuation and financial analysis and the most recent changes in the capital markets to deliver the most up-to-date analyses. KPMG Corporate Finance independence and analytical sophistication enable our professionals to assess value and market position, allowing our clients to make rapid, informed decisions.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

KPMG Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) practice helps corporations and private equity investors identify and execute transactions. Our experienced team helps clients identify targets for purchase or sale, locates buyers or sellers, and supports company management in developing transaction strategies. We offer actionable insights into terms and pricing, deal structures, debt and equity financing, accounting considerations, negotiations, and other aspects of a proposed transaction. We help companies pursue M&A to grow quickly, expand geographically or acquire new technology, and capitalize on synergies available to strategic purchasers.

Transaction Services 

KPMG is one of the leading firms providing transaction advisory services in the world. In 63 countries KPMG Transaction Services Departments employ approximately 3,500 professionals providing various services supporting capital transactions including mergers, acquisitions and Initial Public Offering (IPO) transactions.

Valuation Services

KPMG has the international coverage, local-country and industry-specific experience, and trusted name our clients can rely on to help meet their valuation needs. Our valuations professionals provide a wide range of services including valuing entire businesses, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and equity interests, as well as specific assets such as trade names, patents, customer relationships, machinery and equipment, inventory, real estate, and financial instruments. 

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