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Insurtech Insights - Archive

Insurtech Insights - Archive

Power insurance with AI | 🕒 5-min read.
Insurers are expanding their use of AI from improving the customer experience to driving sales.

Tax reimagined for insurers | 🕒 4-min read.
3 key advice for tax leaders from insurance companies to transform their tax function in a digital age.

Knowing your risks to innovate | 🕒 4-min read.
How insurers should manage regulatory risks while driving innovation forward.

Actuaries of the future | 🕒 4-min read.
Technology innovation continue to evolve the role of the actuary, and provides actuaries with a wealth of opportunities outside of insurance.

Making Connections | 🕒 4-min read.
How insurers can become truly connected enterprises to meet ever evolving customer needs and demands.

Lead in cyber insurance | 🕒 4-min read.
Growing need for cyber protection create significant opportunity for insurers to proactively raise cyber insurance uptake and build customer trust.

Blockchain in insurance | 🕒 5-min read.
Insurers continue to explore blockchain use case to transform the value chain and move toward a digital first operating model.

Insurance innovation through acquisition and investment | 🕒 4-min read.
Insurers ought to think beyond traditional corporate venture capital and M&A for transformational opportunities.

Technology infrastructure for insurers | 🕒 5-min read.
How insurers can update, integrate or bypass legacy technology and establish a sustainable, nimble and connected digital infrastructure.

Test, learn, win | 🕒 4-min read.
Insurers looking to adopt digital wealth and asset management technologies should take a test and learn approach and seek quick value.

How technology can boost insurers' operational efficiency | 🕒 5-min read.
Insurers are embracing robotics and machine learning for efficiency, but legacy systems and organizational silos are big barriers to overcome.

Simplify the customer experience | 🕒 5-min read.
5 areas for insurers to simplify the customer experience and drive higher engagement.

Insurance in the age of autonomy | 🕒 4-min read.
How insurers can prepare for and take advantage of the autonomous vehicle disruption.

Health diagnosis for insurers | 🕒 3-min read.
Healthtech opens up new possibilities but raises questions and risks for insurers.

Connected Ecosystem: a new business model for insurers | 🕒 4-min read.
Making the customer the priority, with the insurer delivering daily value as the center of a wider ecosystem of trusted providers.

2018 Predictions: Insurtech hits its stride | 🕒 5-min read.
Insurtech looks set to gather serious momentum over the next year, as proof of concepts are scaled to production.

Customer engagement in a digital world | 🕒 4-min read.
Five key areas for insurers to tackle as they recognize the need to increase customer interaction, engagement and experience to stay competitive.

Segmentation in the digital age | 🕒 6-min read.
The need for insurers to adopt new technologies based on their customers’ needs and wants, at each stage of the customer journey, and four key considerations to creating effective segment-driven tech strategy.

Rise of digital ecosystem in insurance | 🕒 4-min read.
Alliances with technology partners are creating opportunities for insurers to improve distribution and reach through partner technologies, methodologies and distribution channels.

Digital transformation of insurance | 🕒 4-min read.
Examining how insurers are getting fit for digital through three levels of innovation and the four key business components that insurers should address to move forward and stay competitive in today’s market.

Will on-demand insurance become mainstream? | 🕒 6-min read.
Is it only a matter of time before on-demand insurance becomes the mainstream way of selling insurance products? Examining the three core beliefs that will need to hold true for the mainstream market to switch to on-demand.

Venture capital funding in insurtech | 🕒 3-min read.
Venture capital investors across the globe are excited to seize the potential in Insurtech. But, insurers need to modify their age-old legacy IT systems and processes, with Insurtech technologies critical to help achieve a positive transformation.

Regtech embedded in insurance transformation | 🕒 7-min read.
Leveraging regtech to enable business innovation and make the most out of your business data.

Promise of blockchain in insurance | 🕒 5-min read.
Five key actions for insurers to start embracing blockchain as an enabler to greater efficiency, growth and competitive advantage.

Is P2P insurance a sustainable business model?| 🕒 3-min read.
P2P insurance is a wakeup call insurers needed and now Insurtechs and incumbents are locked in a race to win the hearts and pockets of the customer.

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