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Experienced hires

Experienced hires

No matter what your background is, or where you want to work in KPMG, you’ll be able to make a sustainable difference for clients, communities and the people you work with. We value the fresh perspectives highly talented people bring to KPMG. If you inspire confidence and want to drive lasting, positive change, find out where you fit in.

    Supporting tax compliance for a leading multinational

    Supporting a Multinational

    Moving talent around the globe creates huge demands for managing tax filings and ensuring compliance with permits, visas and insurance.

    Driving Growth in Africa

    Driving growth in Africa

    How did we help a company achieve its aspirations to become the largest conglomerate on the African continent?

    Auditing a Global Mining Powerhouse

    Auditing a global mining powerhouse

    Auditing a company with operations in 30 countries across five continents requires global talent.