Audit and Assurance
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Integrity, quality and independence are the building blocks of KPMG’s audit approach. Our approach is to look beyond the mere assessment of financial information to deliver practical, commercially astute advice.

Our judgments are based on an in-depth understanding of the unique elements of an entity - the culture, the sector, the competitive pressures and the risks. This enables our team to identify areas of operational improvement, as well as to help users of financial statements gain confidence in them.


Our audit services include:

  • Statutory audits and review of financialstatements regulated by regulatory bodies
  • IFRS and US GAAP audits and reviews
  • Audits and reviews of consolidation reporting packages
  • Domestic and international public offeringrelated services
  • Reviews of prospective financial informationand budgets
  • Audits for other special reports
  • Internal control reviews and advice

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