Fraud Investigation
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Fraud Investigation

Fraud Investigation

The service applies to the investigating, appraising and reporting of fraud. Each fraud investigation conducted by the KPMG fraud investigation team is thorough, professional and gives high regard to the rules of evidence and the rights of those concerned.

The services provided by KPMG Forensic include:

  • Assess vast quantities of information as it comes to light in the course of an investigation by analyzing and documenting facts and findings coherently and comprehensively
  • Reconstruction of fraud and other misconduct
  • Analysis of the weaknesses in internal control systems from a fraud perspective
  • Documentation and preservation of evidence
  • Assessment of financial impact
  • Assistance in dispute resolution as an independent expert or mediator
  • Interviewing witnesses and suspects
  • Providing expert testimony
  • Preparing reports for court purposes
  • Liaising with police and regulator

We can assist at short notice in the investigation of fraudulent or improper conduct, thereby minimizing the risk of continued loss or damage to reputation.

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