About Us

KPMG Digital Village helps business on their innovation journey – whether it’s building an innovation culture, developing innovative solutions, or investing in the next big idea to add value to the core business. DV was set up to bridge and connect businesses to most innovative solutions in a structured way. The program allows both startups to accelerate development and grow to the next stage, and corporate clients to get equipped with the latest innovation technology. Additionally, the platform can facilitate the adoption of innovation and technology by domestic businesses to grow and be competitive at an international level.

Our ecosystem and value

Establishing a robust ecosystem with strong networks is critical for open innovation to succeed. At KPMG Digital Village, we bring corporates, start-ups, investors, and government bodies together in a collaborative ecosystem. A symbiotic ecosystem matching, fostering and forging innovation ventures. Using a challengefocused approach, the Digital Village helps to bring innovative ideas to life from scouting, mentoring through to helping start-ups develop solutions for business integration.


"The goal of KPMG Digital Village Central Asia is to develop an innovative ecosystem in the region. We are adapting global experience with innovations, namely, KPMG DV model in Singapore, which is successful in Southeast Asia. Everyone wins in this ecosystem: clients get innovative solutions and tools to work with them, startups get access to corporations and the opportunity to go globally, using the expertise and support of the KPMG Global Innovation Network. Digital Village focuses on corporate innovation, especially on 3 key components: developing a culture of innovation, searching and supporting the creation of innovative solutions, as well as setting up mechanisms for working with them."

Saken Zhumashev,
Managing partner,
KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia

“Innovation is value from ideas. One of KPMG´s primary tasks is the development of innovative solutions (products and services, with the respective technologies) to improve the competitiveness of our customers and assist startups with commercializing of their developments worldwide. Today 38 out of 153 countries are connected to the KPMG Global Innovation Services Network. We are very pleased that starting this year Central Asia has also become a part of our network and KPMG Digital Village model is being carried forward”.

Hans Winterhoff,
Global Lead KPMG Innovation Services Network


Innovation Strategy
Defining an approach and roadmap for driving and accelerating innovation of a corporate

  • Digitalization strategy, PMO and installation of mechanisms for working with innovative turnkey solutions (e.g. corporate venture funds, corporate accelerators);
  • Analysis of innovation maturity in accordance with Innovation Management Standards (ISO 56xxx) of companies in order to identify gaps and promising areas of development;


Co-innovation with corporations
Identifying new areas of growth enabled by innovative solutions in new or existing markets

  • Workshops and brainstorming sessions using the design thinking methodology, global expertise and trend analysis;
  • Holding hackathons and other competitions: identification of problems, preparation of materials, organization, involvement of participants, selection of solutions and further support;


Integration and scouting of innovative solutions
IImplementation of procedures for the formation of a short list of projects and their integration into business processes

  • Scouting innovative solutions (startups) in the international and local markets through KPMG Global Innovation Network;
  • A full cycle of implementation and adaptation of the solution and its further support;


Startups + KPMG = WIN-WIN
Consulting of startups, supporting in finding investors and clients in foreign markets.

  • Services for startups: developing a strategy for entering the market, attracting investments, setting the optimal business model, market analysis and analysis of best practices;
  • Entrance to local corporations and foreign markets: after testing and verification procedures, some solutions are entered into the KPMG Digital


Build an innovation culture
An applied learning approach to build a sustainable culture of innovation

  • Trainings (e.g., Innovation Management Standards, Digital Transformation, Customer development, Agile, Scrum, Design Thinking);
  • Think-tank on innovations through deep trends and market research (e.g., on consumer experience and technologies in this field). Monitoring breakthrough technologies and technological trends, analysis of their impact on the company’s business;

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