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Comprehensive diagnosis and development of recommendations on improving corporate governance

Development of corporate governance system

Based on our experience and independent studies we know that effective corporate governance has a positive effect on the efficiency and value of organization, in addition reduces the cost of capital employed.
Dignosis conducted by KPMG results in provision of comprehensive assessment of the current situation in corporate governance system and detailed recommendations for improvement and development of corporate governance system (“Roadmap). Comprehensive assessment of corporate governance system gives opportunity to conduct comparative analysis of corporate governance practices in the company and comparable foreign and Kazakh companies, guarantees compliance with the requirements of capital markets and investors’ expectations.
KPMG analysis strategic objectives of the company, its development stage, interests and expectations of its stakeholders. Based on the best practices and considering results of mentioned analysis, KPMG professionals provide best solutions in the following areas:
- Shareholder, investor and other stakeholders’ rights compliance
- Clear segregation of duties between bodies and departments
- Presence of an effective supervisory body (structure of the Board of Directors, efficient functioning committees, non-existence of conflict of interests, etc.)
- Organized and functioning management reporting system
- Formalized and transparent directors’ remuneration policies and procedures
- Transparency for shareholders and other stakeholders
- Transparent dividend policy
- Effectiveness of planning procedures
- Effectiveness of internal controls and internal audit
- Effectiveness of risk management system
- Effectiveness of sustainability management system.

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