Budgeting and Management Reporting System

Budgeting and Management Reporting System

Diagnostics of the current budget planning system:

  • diagnostics provides precise view of current operating model characteristics and necessary organizational, methodological and technological changes in future.
  • Development of a target budgeting and reporting model:
  • description of the processes starts with a concept and its objective is to determine the circuits and frameworks of budgeting system;
  • the concept is formalized in the form of integrated corporate document and sets transparent «game rule»;
  • the concept is complemented by the transition plan to target budget planning and reporting system, as well as the transition road map to target budgeting and reporting system.

Specification of the target business processes of planning and control:

  • standards of the business processes are formed within budgeting system circuit;
  • the business processes are formed from flowcharts to algorithms. 

Development of detailed model and methodology for planning and reporting:

  • formation of logical data model that fixes the methodological requirements to the «To-Be» model of budgeted book of accounts, including basic indicators and analytical sections guidelines;
  • development of consolidation framework that specifies a set of rules of reconciliation and elimination of intercompany balances, joint-ventures results and minority shares reporting for consolidation per group or type of business;
  • formation of certificates for business planning and management reporting indicators that encloses a register of gathering and calculating indicators.

Development of technical specifications for automation, selection and implementation of complex IT solutions:

  • technical specification for automation of budgeting model is formed from requirements for techniques and procedures;
  • based on the logical data model the deployment of «cube» is conducted in a virtual machine to qualify for capability of the model, and identify potential inconsistencies in the methodology.

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