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Seminar for professionals

Seminar for professionals

The CSR Committee of KPMG in Kazakhstan held a seminar for professionals working with children with special needs in Almaty.

Very often professionals and teachers working with children with special needs, in their practice faces with the fact that child have a problem in the formation of one or another skill: difficulties in accomplishing the simplest counting operations, to someone it is difficult to hold a pencil, others faces difficulties in focusing on assignments. Hard work often yields results that do not correspond to the efforts expended. In these cases, neuropsychological analysis can help. Using this method, helps to analyze the skills and abilities of the child and its psychological functions.

On 3-4 April in Almaty as part of the Learning for the Future project, the KPMG CSR Committee in Kazakhstan jointly with the Dara foundation organized a two-day workshop aimed at improving professional skills of specialists working with children with special needs. The workshop was dedicated to the development of social services in education and experience extension on the practical use of contemporary methods in correctional work and focused on the subject “Neuropsychological approach in working with children with mental retardation and autism, the difficulties in school preparation and educational achievements”.

As part of the workshop, the invited experts from the Centre for Curative Pedagogics – neuropsychologist Dmitry Ermolaev and psychologist Tatyana Ratynskaya – spoke on diagnostic methods and practical approaches applied in modern neuropsychology. They gave an overview on how to properly assess an individual style, specific features of a child’s functions as well as how to predict the occurrence of possible challenges in studying. Specialists and teachers working with children with special needs often come across that a child has difficulties with skill formation and sometimes the efforts do not correspond the results of hard work. The neuropsychological approach helps to analyse the psychological functions of a child and thus prevent the possible challenges in studying.

26 specialists from correctional, inclusive and secondary schools as well as the correctional units of 9 regions in Kazakhstan attended the workshop. The specialists from Kazakhstan working with children with developmental disorders gave positive feedback on the content-richness, novelty and practical value of the materials presented at the event. “Such events are very important for our work in which our professionals show not only their personal qualities and talents but also their own personal values. Thanks a lot to KPMG and the Dara Foundation! Your contribution will materialize in effectiveness of our work”, - says Yafuray Tolenova, head of the psycho-pedagogical correctional unit in Aktobe.

This is the third seminar organized by KPMG in Kazakhstan for specialists working with children with special needs. The first and the second seminars were dedicated to the topics “Sensory integration in the care system for children with development disorders” and “The care model for children with autism spectrum disorders”. The KPMG CSR Committee in Kazakhstan hopes to continue the tradition of holding such seminars for professionals who work with children with special needs.

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