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Enactus national competition of student projects was held in Almaty.

Enactus national competition of student projects was held in Almaty.

Enactus is an international non-profit organisation that mobilises the university students to change for better their communities while developing their skills of socially responsible business leaders.

KPMG global cooperation with Enactus, an organisation that brings together students, leaders in business and higher education from 36 countries, started in 1996, and since then KPMG has been playing an important role in promoting the organisation worldwide. For 7 years now, KPMG has been the general sponsor of Enactus World Cup.

In Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, our company provides sponsorship and counselling support and holds specific subject trainings for students. Our colleagues take part in the work of the Enactus national and international competition jury, in the activities of world cup coordinators and Enactus Kazakhstan’s Board of Directors and act in the capacity of business advisers of the teams. Projects and initiatives launched by Enactus students from over 50 Kazakh and Kyrgyz universities, supported by leaders in business and higher education, have an actual positive impact on handing the social issues in the region - new jobs are created, a level of education and social status of the project audiences increases, and at the same time, the students themselves extend their knowledge and learn, develop and effectively apply the entrepreneurial skills.

On 28 April Almaty hosted Enactus Kazakhstan National Expo 2017 national competition, where the teams from 30 Kazakh universities presented their business projects. The judges of the competition had to make a difficult choice; however, after long discussions they decided to award the first place to the team from Kazakh Humanitarian Law Innovative University (KazHLIU) in Semey.

On 6 May, Enactus national competition was also held in Bishkek, where the team from Kyrgyz National University named after Jusup Balasagyn (KNU) won the first place.

On 27-28 September, Enactus World Cup 2017 international competition took place in London, where KazHLIU team from Kazakhstan took a third place in the qualifying round, while the team from KNU named after Zhusup Balasygan was among the finalists, having taken a fourth place in the World Cup.

All projects presented as a part of the competition were inspiring and the ideas were progressive, and we hope that efforts taken by Enactus students to change the world for the better will yield, without doubt, favorable results.

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