Assisting clients in achieving the highest levels of business integrity through the prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud and misconduct.

Assisting clients in achieving the highest levels of business integrity

The prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud and misconduct

How KPMG in the Cayman Islands can help

KPMG’s forensic practice can provide you with a broad range of dispute advisory, intelligence gathering, regulatory, fraud risk management and fraud investigation services. Equally important to us is the ability to take a strategic approach, helping to advise you on claims, recoveries and other action that can be taken based on what we have found. Whether it is a fraud, business dispute, contract compliance issue, regulatory enquiry or large-scale transaction, major problems can quickly arise, spiral out of control and cause severe damage.

We act with the upmost discretion and help our clients take immediate and decisive action to prevent, detect and respond to potentially contentious or harmful situations and to achieve a positive outcome, discreetly and without disruption to the business.

We have a global reach with over 1,900 forensic professionals from more than 30 accredited practices worldwide. Our Cayman practice forms part of an island network across the Caribbean and Europe. Within our established network, our high performing people mobilize around our clients using our inter island expertise and local insights to cut through complexity and deliver informed perspectives and clear solutions that our clients and stakeholders value. Within KPMG we share global methodologies, tools and training to ensure a common approach throughout the KPMG network.

Our services 

Fraud and Financial Misconduct Investigations

  • Are you worried that your organization has been a victim of fraud, corruption, misconduct or other financial crime?
  • Do you need to find out what has happened, recover lost assets, take action against the perpetrators and mitigate subsequent reputational damage or commercial loss? 

Dispute Advisory Services

  • Do you need assistance with the financial and accounting aspects of a dispute?
  • Have you suffered losses from business disruption as a result of another party’s actions? 

Corporate Intelligence

  • Do you require asset tracing services internationally on individuals or corporate entities?
  • Do you require background information on the reputation and integrity of current or prospective business associates?
  • Do you really know who you are about to do business with?
  • Is your organization about to undertake a joint venture or acquisition?
  • Would you like to avoid potentially unpleasant surprises? 

Regulatory Compliance

  • Do you require compliance framework assistance?
  • Do you require market risk assessment services?
  • Have you a need for regulatory training? 

Forensic Technology

  • How secure is your data and systems?
  • Do you need to collect digital evidence in a legally prescribed manner?
  • Do you need to perform advanced analysis on the collected data?

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