Forensic Technology & eDiscovery Services

The amount of electronic data produced by companies today can be overwhelming.
As a result, organizations face a variety of complex issues when dealing with electronically stored information (ESI), as well as substantial costs in responding to regulatory or litigation-related requests.

KPMG in the Cayman Islands has the tools and expertise to cost efficiently manage both small and large Forensic Technology and eDiscovery projects. We support our clients in a variety of matters such as litigation, arbitration, regulatory responses, digital investigations and data loss incidents.

KPMG’s global network of professionals enables us to service cross-border and multi-jurisdictional matters in a time and cost-effective manner, especially in recent times when travel limitations apply. 

Our Forensic Technology Services include:

  • eDiscovery Services
  • Forensic Data Collection & Recovery
  • Expert Witness Reports & Testimonials


When facing pressure to identify, collect, review and disclose data, KPMG in the Cayman Islands’ eDiscovery team can assist you.

Our experienced team uses the latest tools and technologies to greatly reduce workload and costs, allowing our clients to focus on reviewing relevant documents, while we manage the technical challenges of the eDiscovery process. Our methods and technologies follow the Electronic Discovery Reference Model and evidentiary standards, which are repeatable and legally defensible in court.

1.    Identification

At the beginning of every eDiscovery project, the sources of ESI that are potentially relevant to the case must be identified. In order to do this, KPMG can interview employees, such as IT personnel, who know where ESI is located and who has access to it. We can conduct data mapping and collect ESI from all available data sources, including but not limited to laptops, mobile phones, servers and cloud services.

2.    Preservation & Collection

Once the potentially relevant ESI is identified, steps must be taken to preserve it in its current state. KPMG will isolate the systems containing the ESI and use proven forensic collection tools to create a preserved forensic copy of the data. The data is then transferred to our secure forensic laboratory for further processing and analysis.

3.    Data Processing & Culling

Liaising closely with you, we will extract, verify, and convert the data files into a searchable format before indexing and de-duplicating the data set.

Following the processing phase, we will work with you on early case assessment to help identify the most applicable documents for review. This is done by working collaboratively with our clients (and their representatives) to identify which parameters can be applied to reduce the population for review.

4.    Review & Analysis

The remaining ESI is then made available in our document review platform, Relativity, allowing our clients to efficiently and easily review, code and redact documents. Techniques and analytical features can be further applied to identify relevant documents, such as:

  • Search terms
  • Date range filters
  • Concept searches
  • Related document identification
  • Near duplicate identification
  • Email discussion threads
  • Interactive dashboards and visualization tools
  • AI powered predictive coding

5.    Managed Document Review Services

If you require assistance in reviewing documents KPMG can timely and cost efficiently deploy our dedicated review team to help you review and code documents.

Our qualified document review team is led by highly experienced review managers and consists of attorneys, subject matter experts and specialist reviewers. Foreign language review capabilities are also available for a number of languages.

6.    Production and Document Disclosure

After the document review has been completed, KPMG will readily support you in your document disclosure. Our review platform supports all commonly court-approved production formats and allows for customized bates numbering, slip sheets and metadata fields. We can also accommodate bespoke production requirements and will therefore discuss and confirm the specific production requirements prior to each disclosure. 

Forensic Data Collection & Recovery

Digital Forensic Collections:

KPMG in the Cayman Islands can assist with forensically sound collections of ESI from various sources, including mobile devices, laptops, servers, and cloud applications. Our practices and technologies ensure that all data is collected to an evidential standard, and our involvement guarantees defensibility and neutrality. We also have the ability to perform remote data collections.

Digital Data Recovery:

Our advanced forensic expertise and tools enable us to examine and verify whether digital evidence has been erased or modified, including the ability to often recover deleted data from devices. We have the capability to perform password recovery and “cracking” to gain access to otherwise password-protected and encrypted files.

Digital Forensic Investigations:

We support our clients to achieve faster and more efficient analysis of complex and voluminous datasets during investigations. We can provide complete forensic investigation services in relation to a wide range of requirements or challenges, including internal employee misconduct investigations and external regulatory or litigation responses. We offer remote investigation capabilities, enabling us to access and analyze a wider range of data sources regardless of physical location.

Expert Witness Reports & Testimonials

KPMG offers advice and expert witness reports and testimonials to assist in the resolution of disputes. Our experienced professionals are frequently instructed in litigation, arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

We can also draw from KPMG’s wider network of firms, enabling us to address disputes across a variety of sectors, industries or jurisdictions.

Our Data Storage & Security

KPMG in the Cayman Islands maintains a secure data repository located here in Cayman, ensuring that the data is contained within this jurisdiction. Our advanced data facility, which is category 5 hurricane-rated, provides fully redundant power, high level data security, and high-speed communications connectivity.