Showcasing the real value of your carve-out

The disposal of non-core assets can help you maintain liquidity, increase shareholder value and provide the funds to reshape your business to enable sustainable growth. But unlocking the full value of your non-core assets isn’t always straightforward as they are often deeply integrated into your business.

High levels of integration and complex business models can mean the true performance and value of your assets is overshadowed by corporate costs and allocations. And in the current environment, you’re likely to find an even greater gap than usual between your valuation and that of your buyers.

That’s why it’s critical for you to showcase the real value and growth potential of your assets by presenting them on a truly standalone basis with the commensurate cost and management structures.

Our guide to delivering complex carve-outs takes you through a step-by-step process to unlocking the real value of your non-core assets. We cover:

  • 6 key divestment and carve-out considerations
  • Preparing a tailored carve-out approach
  • How to keep the focus on value
  • Making your business easy to buy
  • Taking a structured separation approach
  • 6 tips for a successful transaction


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