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Many businesses across a range of industries and sectors have already opened in some capacity or are working feverishly to reopen operations as fully as possible amid COVID-19, while continuing to meet the health and safety needs of employees, customers, and other key stakeholders.

The good news is that a carefully crafted effort can be more than a point-in-time solution. It can deliver benefits long after COVID-19 is under control, including improvements in stakeholder health, safety and engagement as well as enhanced business sustainability.

It’s only when methods are supported by technology and employed in concert, as part of a cohesive strategy, that they can fully deliver on their promise.

Reopening responsibly involves having a plan (policy, framework, protocols) and digital tools to effectively manage, monitor and mitigate risks as much as possible and to respond quickly and effectively when COVID-19 cases arise.

A technology enabled integrated approach can provide speed, agility and visibility. Orchestrate policy and safety protocols and inform better decision making must be part of the solution.

Employees must feel empowered to be able to perform their role. Enable them with the tools to support them to engage and collaborate internally and externally. It is fundamental to provide clear consistent communication, and organisations should seek a user centric approach understanding stakeholder needs and develop multi-channel communication programs.

Staying open responsibly requires continuous monitoring of conditions and data collection at scale, and the analytics capabilities needed to capture insights from that data. Organisations need to ensure robust risk compliance, data protection and privacy protocols are in place. Transparency on how data will be used and stored is also key.

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