Healthcare providers and systems have risen rapidly to address challenges from COVID-19 that were almost unimaginable only a few short months ago. The speed and scale of the response has been remarkable, and the healthcare community should be proud of how it has reacted to the greatest global health emergency we have witnessed in a century.

But recovery from coronavirus will be a marathon not a sprint. The only true exit depends on an effective vaccine. Until then health providers and systems will need to adapt and find new ways to balance COVID-19-related work with providing regular healthcare services.

The disruption will be profound and long-lasting

From deep scars on nations’ health to more immediate threats surrounding the sustainability of provider organisations overwhelmed by the demand and impacts to existing care models. The unequal effects of COVID-19 risk exacerbating existing health inequalities, requiring wide-ranging responses.

Healthcare organisations face continued uncertainty

Over a period of years until a global vaccination campaign is fully underway. After the initial shock comes a difficult period of managing the impact, with continued adaptation of services to scale-up and scale-down the acute response while seeking to resume other services and reduce the backlog.

Healthcare won’t go back to how it was, nor should it

Despite the difficulties, there are many useful examples of how providers and systems are taking steps to innovate and push forward necessary changes and modern approaches to care.

Based on interviews with healthcare leaders around the world, the report from KPMG International’s healthcare team, COVID-19: Recovery and resilience in healthcare, provides a framework for how to successfully adapt, including:

  • Key themes and common challenges — sharing emerging trends and best-practice from healthcare providers globally
  • Healthcare recovery framework — setting out key areas and actions to focus resources and accelerate adaptation
  • Highlighting beneficial changes — identifying opportunities and innovations that have come out of the crisis
  • Next steps and a recovery roadmap — practical recommendations to help implement a resilient recovery

Despite the extraordinary challenges, there remain opportunities to drive positive change. KPMG healthcare specialists are experienced in building and sustaining change, and we would be proud to support you during these difficult times.

Download the report to find out more.