This paper, the second on our Future of commuting campaign with CBI (Confederation of British Industry), provides a series of practical recommendations on how to level-up commuter connectivity across the UK.

Connecting communities looks at the long-term shifts around transport, mobility, and housing the UK need to consider in order to deliver world class infrastructure for commuters:

1. How commuter networks are planned and funded – moving towards a focus on the longer-term.

2. How improvements to commuter networks are selected – taking into account government ambitions to level-up and decarbonise, interactions with housing and place-making as well as significant changes to how we travel.

3. How these improvements can be delivered quickly and effectively - using Project Speed to accelerate the completion of truly shovel worthy projects

COVID-19 has significantly changed our commuting habits. It has also generated new types of demand as new opportunities and challenges impact the way we live. Government’s investment in transport and infrastructure must evolve accordingly.

The upcoming Spending Review is an excellent opportunity to put in place the foundations needed to meet the government’s long-term priorities for commuter networks. By taking a more strategic approach to planning and delivery of transport infrastructure, the UK will be better placed to ‘level-up’ the commute and create better, greener and more flexible transport networks.

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