In these turbulent times managing cash flow is critical, so it’s important to understand where you can make cost savings within your organisation.

Have you considered commercial leakage through supplier overbilling? Overbilling runs at an average of 5% across many industries and could result in you paying more than you owe to your suppliers.

Our powerful AI-enabled solution enables businesses to manage their contracts, ensure compliance and prevent commercial leakage. Automating leakage identification is a way to unlock value at scale. This approach allows you to keep employees in the loop to investigate claims and disputes. But ultimately, cash recovery is the quickest path to bottom line benefit.

KPMG’s Cognitive Contract Management tools can help clients with a whole range of contract issues, beyond identifying invoice overspend.

We can help with contract issues involved in:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Asset registers
  • Accounting standard compliance
  • Changes to regulation

With the extraordinary power of today’s AI technology, the possibilities for more sophisticated contract lifecycle management are widening. At KPMG, we can help move you to the very forefront of what’s possible.

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