The three emerging personas

The three emerging personas

A snapshot of who’s who in the Future-Ready Index.

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Top 20 percent: Innovative leaders

Innovative leaders constantly seek opportunities to improve performance, anticipate change and risks, with an ultimate passion to create a better industry for all stakeholders. Within this group there are two broad types of organizations: cutting-edge contractors and owner-innovators. These players have strong innovation-led cultures, a clear technology vision and roadmap, and a proactive approach to attracting and retaining talent.

Middle 60 percent: Followers

This segment encompasses a broad mix of companies striving to gain a balance between investing in the future and addressing current challenges, encompassing global/regional contractors and asset-driven owners. These organizations tend to be skeptical over the feasibility of a digital supply chain, are beginning to embrace BIM, basic data & analytics and PMIS, and are at the start of their journey to a technology roadmap.

Bottom 20 percent: Behind the curve

These organizations are struggling to get to grips with immediate issues, with little longer-term strategic vision for technology, governance and people, and face an existential threat from disruption. The two key types of players are non-diversified contractors and cost-driven owners/contractors, characterized by a lack of investment in innovation and technology, and limited attention to talent, with a short-term focus.

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