One of the leading European telecommunications companies has committed that by 2025 nearly 100% of the resources and parts it uses will be reusable or recyclable. To achieve this goal, the company asked KPMG in the Netherlands to help develop its circular strategy and implementation plan.

KPMG professionals performed industry benchmarking to identify circular market trends in telecommunications and other sectors. They identified the critical internal and external stakeholders that were pivotal for the client to achieve its circular ambitions (e.g. business unit heads, key suppliers), and developed a stakeholder engagement plan for its circular economy team to work with these stakeholders.

KPMG analysts conducted a material flow analysis to identify the circular opportunities in the business (e.g. refurbishing set-top boxes, digitizing network equipment, improving purchasing policies), and modelled the financial implications of these. Based on this analysis, they helped the client to build a robust circular strategy, program and roadmap to deliver on its 2025 ambition.

The new circular program centered on key focus areas such as integrating circular economy principles into procurement and operations practices. KPMG specialists helped the client to define KPIs and goals, measure and quantify the impacts of its circular activities, and to report on these. They held a workshop with critical internal and external stakeholders to ensure buy-in and agree the implementation plan.

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