With so much riding on the promise of IA, business leaders were queried about their biggest challenges in executing on its potential for the report, Easing the pressure points: The state of intelligent automation. They identified the need to both scale up vertically and broaden the scope of their efforts across functions and processes.

Other notable challenges pinpointed included several managerial issues: how much financial investment and supporting infrastructure such as cloud is required, who’s accountable for driving the agenda to get a positive payback, and concerns about the impact on employees. However, in some isolated cases, it may be advantageous to greenlight projects — even if they don't have a clear and immediate ROI — if they somehow contribute to a new competitive advantage, notes Peter Evans, Principal, Innovation and Enterprise Solutions at KPMG in the US.


Explore more at State of IA or download the PDF report to read more- Easing the pressure points (PDF 2.2 MB).

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