Run at any speed or scale that the market and customers require

As the lines between business and technology continue to blur, IT functions are becoming more influential at all levels of the enterprise.

CIOs are increasingly participating in setting the strategic direction of the organization, architecting a seamless digital operating model, realigning capabilities and people, and monitoring performance and achievements against targets.

IT is transforming from a function that builds and connects everything, to a function that houses the capabilities, governance, platforms, and partners that can run at any speed or scale that the market and customers require. This means playing a more influential role as the enterprise technology evangelist, business process expert, data guardian, modern architect, and cultural champion of breaking down the silos of central control.

By 2022, fully 80 percent of revenue growth will depend on digital offerings and operations1. This means organizations can live or die by the way it designs and delivers technology services, responds to issues, and manages expectations.

With such a large shift in the culture of IT and the business, and the structural layers of how products and services are ideated, designed, developed, and delivered, how should the connected enterprise prepare?

Download Market speed - IT operating models in the age of the connected enterprise (PDF 2.3 MB) to learn more about implementing a market-speed operating model and read our two-page overview (PDF 149 KB).

View the podcast transcript here (PDF 562 KB).

IDC Press Release, IDC Launches New Framework to Accelerate Digital Transformation and Help Enterprises Become Digital Natives (IDC, Oct 2017)

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