Funding technology at market speed

Delivering quality products and services that customers want, when and how they want them, requires continuous technology investment. As the business model of the future gets faster, nimbler, and smarter, companies will find that modern development and delivery methodologies, and traditional IT finance funding processes, with their long lead times and multitude of requirements, will not be able to keep pace with customer demand.

A new approach, called dynamic investment, is needed. Similar to working with a venture capital (VC) firm, it enables investing almost anytime and anywhere - based on value, releasing minimally viable products, and gauging customer response, while easily changing or moving in a different direction when needed.

Such a process would reduce overcommitting to an annual budget or tying up capital, resources, and capacity long term. By employing lean financial processes to support the release of small amounts of capital quickly, organizations can create a pipeline of new ideas and use available funds to achieve quick wins or learn fast from failure.

By deploying a “think like a VC” investment approach, organizations can drive dynamic and continuous funding of technology and investments based on value.

Download Funding technology at market speed – The need for dynamic investment in the future of IT ( PDF 1.80 MB) to learn more about how your organization can adopt a dynamic investment approach to funding technology and innovation and read our two-page overview (PDF 180 KB).

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