According to a recent Eurobarometer survey, 93% of Europeans believe that climate change is caused by human activity and 85% agree that fighting climate change and using energy more efficiently can generate economic growth and job creation. These results, together with the fact that the European Union accounts for 10% of total greenhouse gases emissions into the atmosphere, have led the European Commission to step up its measures on this most pressing matter for the planet and a few days ago approve a proposal to achieve climate neutrality within Europe by 2050.

Alberto Martín Rivals, Head of Management Consulting and Head of Energy and Natural Resources, KPMG in Spain, sat down with Miguel Arias Cañete, European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy. They discussed the legislative package for clean energy for all Europeans that is currently under development by the European Commission for Climate Action and Energy. This is an ambitious regulatory framework that brings the European Union closer to its commitments under the Paris agreement. The commissioner emphasized that the renewables target set out in the legislation is both robust and ambitious. Key topics considered in the video include how energy efficiency targets will be implemented in the European Union, particularly in new and renovated buildings; the role of electrification in decarbonization and the impact of new technologies such as electric vehicles and heat pumps; carbon pricing and its effect on consumer energy costs; the growth of renewable energy strategies, including solar and wind; and the future role of nuclear power in the European Union.

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