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Transforming government in the age of technology

From the Editor: Welcome to @gov, KPMG’s new digital magazine for governments.


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Welcome to the inaugural edition of @gov, the new digital magazine from KPMG for government decision-makers.

The recent KPMG-Forbes Annual Survey on government business transformation demonstrated the continuing impact of disruption and innovation, as leaders search for more efficient ways of deploying technology to power change initiatives in their organizations. The expectation among citizens that government provide similar technology solutions as private enterprise has also opened up a new set of challenges, along with a corresponding need for more customer-centric transformation strategies. Finally, the search for fresh insights to keep up with the pace of change has prompted leaders to seek lessons from governments in other jurisdictions – with many wishing for greater insights into emerging trends and best practices.

With @gov, we want to start a conversation that challenges the way you think about the most pressing issues in government and public sector leadership. We will aim to provide insight and analysis that is relevant, timely and easily digestible, and can be usefully applied in a public sector setting. Above all, we want a dialogue with you, so will always welcome your feedback and input.

The theme of this issue is ‘Transforming government in the age of technology’, and some of the topics explored by our professionals include digital identification and the challenges of implementation across key jurisdictions; the public policy imperatives surrounding the rise of autonomous vehicles; government data sharing and the balance shift from privacy towards protection, in addition to improving cyber security and government vulnerability to cybercrime.

I’d like to thank you for joining us on the first phase of this exciting journey; we hope that you find value in @gov’s content offerings as the magazine continues to grow.

If there are topics you’d like us to address, or you have comments or questions about anything you read here, please feel free to contact us at government@kpmg.com.

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