Forensic Technology: Electronic Discovery Management

Forensic Technology: Electronic Discovery Management

KPMG has developed a phased approach to evidence and discovery management (“EDM”) that is depicted in the Infographic below.


New technologies, increasing volumes of data, lowering cost of storage media and the rising trend of corporate litigation, investigations and disputes are all factors that are quickly changing the face of Electronic Discovery (“e-discovery”) and the review of electronically stored information (“ESI”). Organisations need to be equipped to respond to these challenges in reviewing the vast volume of ESI that exist today.

Massive costs relating to ineffective and inefficient document reviews; lack of judicial/regulatory delivery and accountability are setting expectations higher than ever for e-discovery investigations to be more accurate, timely, and cost-effective. To meet these expectations, our clients and legal counsel need to embrace a comprehensive, long-term approach.

Adding to these challenges are mandates for cost control – a significant challenge given the speed at which vast volumes of electronic documents must be reviewed and produced. To address these challenges, KPMG has developed a phased approach to evidence and discovery management (“EDM”) that is consistent and predictable, depicted in the Infographic below:

Forensic Technology infographic

As we move through the process, our phased strategy works to reduce the volume of data originally gathered thereby increasing the relevance of the remaining data for disclosure of use in the investigation.

The benefits of KPMG’s phased strategy include:

  • Enhanced litigation performance
  • Greater budget and timeline predictability
  • Operational excellence
  • Reduced risk

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