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Spotlight on the Asset Management Industry

Spotlight on the Asset Management Industry

Asset Management is under pressure due to margin squeeze, ever increasing regulatory burden, macro-economic and political change such as Brexit, new and disruptive business models such as ‘Robo-advice’. With the expectations of clients changing rapidly, there is greater pressure to respond.


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Our January 2017 Business to Business customer experience report highlighted the growing importance of customer experience excellence as a competitive strategy. The views of 3,000 decision making unit members were solicited about 133 B2B brands in the UK and the US.

For many in the asset management industry it struck a chord – so much so that we have conducted a detailed research program specifically at this area of financial services.

We wanted to understand the role that customer experience was playing in the development of business strategies, the state of readiness of the industry to increasingly compete on experience rather than performance and the priorities that constituted the roadmap of change.

Consequently, we held face-to-face interviews with senior executives at 16 fund management companies across the industry, representing approximately one third of the value of the global industry, seeking to identify the key trends and understand the direction of travel for the industry.

In this report we explore the moments that matter for the asset management industry.

Six pillars of customer experience excellence

Learn more about what senior executives from asset management firms, including several of the largest firms in the world are saying and their views on how the changing industry is effecting customer experience.

Obtain insights about the Six Pillars of customer experience, which are the building blocks for success.

Read the report to understand the opportunities for asset management firms and how to apply these steps to their internal customer experience development processes.

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